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First Thoughts

Okay so here I can blogggg and say what the fuck I want in however many words and letters I want. I can link my facebook.youtube.twitter. all that shit. One place. BOOM. 

I keep posting stuff about anonymous and the right to the free flow of information and wikileaks and all this stuff that most of my facebook friends are too stupid to give a shit about. No offense guys. 

But seriously, some people need to open their eyes. Yes, fashion and celebrities and gossip…all really fun shit. All shit that I love (well, minus celebrities for the most part) but really there are more important things that you could invest your time with. Most of the people I know have no fucking clue what’s even going on in the world around them and they believe everything that the news tells them is happening. Sorry you naive little angels, but there is so much shit in this world that would make your stomach turn that you would know about if only you looked a little beyond your iphone. Knowledge is power.

Anyway, I’ll be posting the shit that I find important or cool. Or funny or whatever….Just know that a lot of it is stuff that will make you think…and hopefully make you do something with your life that can possibly make a difference in the world.

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Wednesday Oct 10 @ 07:42pm
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